Men's Levi's ® Jeans

501 ® – Original fit. Classic seat and thigh. Straight leg. 16” leg opening. Fits below the waist.
The Levi’s ® 501 ® jean is where it all begins. It has been altered slightly over the years to accommodate trends, but remains largely unchanged from its original inception. It is a great jean for every occasion and fits well on most men with average to slim builds.

501 ® Shrink-to-Fit ® – Original fit. Classic seat and thigh. Straight leg. 17.25” leg opening.
The Levi’s ® 501 ® shrink-to-fit jean is the original “raw” denim jean. An American classic, its popularity around the world is unmatched by another other jean. There is a trend today to buy them in true size and dry clean them or not wash them at all in order to keep the denim original rigid appearance. However, if you are going to wash them, you will need to buy them 1 to 3 inches bigger in the waist and 3 to 4 inches bigger in length than your normal size. They will shrink to your size after washing.

505 ® Straight fit. Classic seat and thigh. Straight leg. 16.5” leg opening. Fits at waist.
The Levi’s ® 505 ® jean is a great choice for someone who wants a 501®, but prefers a zip fly. However, they are not exactly the same. The 505 ® has a slightly smaller leg opening and a slightly higher rise. They are also a little slimmer, but they are not a tight jean for most people.

514 ™ Slim Straight – Sits below waist. Straight leg. 16.5”  leg opening.
The Levi’s ® 514 ™ Slim Straight jean features a slim fit, but it is not a skinny jean. We have seen many people who have worn 501s for years have converted to the 514 ™. It also is a good alternative for someone looking for today’s slimmer look, but does not want the look of a skinny jean.

511 ™ Skinny – Sits below waist. Skinny leg. 14.5” leg opening.
They’re back! The Levi’s ® 511 ™ Skinny jean captures the slim tapered look. It is a very popular trend these days and has become a standard jean for today’s teens and younger denim buyers. Many buy them a bit longer and “stack” them against their footwear. For the sleekest look, buy them at your true inseam length. Most 511 ™ finishes feature wider belt loops and open top with shank button.

510 ™ Super Skinny – Sits below waist. Super slim fit. Skinny leg. 13.5” leg opening.
The Levi’s ® 510 ™ Super Skinny jean is for those looking for the quintessential skater/rocker look. It has the skinniest leg and smallest leg opening of the Levi’s ® cannon. All 510s feature stretch elements (usually 2% spandex) that help preserve the skinny jean look at all times.

527 ™ Boot Cut – Low rise. Regular seat and thigh. Boot Cut. 18.25” leg opening.
Originally known as the Low Rise Boot Cut Jean, the Levi’s ® 527 ™ is essentially an updated take on the classic 517 ™ Boot Cut. The wide leg opening is not considered a “bell bottom” and doesn’t fall like one. The opening is wider than the leg to allow for easy wear with boots, but the jeans are often worn with all footwear and look great with sneakers.

569 ™ Loose Straight – Sits low on hip. Loose seat and thigh. Straight leg. 19.5” leg opening.
The Levi’s ® 569 ™ Loose Straight provides the baggy look of the Levi’s ® line. Its leg opening is almost as wide as the 527 ™ Boot Cut’s leg opening, but the rest of the leg is just wide providing the loose fit. It can be worn with any footwear and is great for anyone who wants a lot of room to move in their jeans.

559 ™ Relaxed Straight – Sits on hip. Relaxed seat and thigh. 18” leg opening.
The Levi’s ® 559 ™ is for someone looking for a looser fit, but isn’t going for all out baggy look. It makes for a very good basic work jean, as the extra room provides the comfort while bending or crouching. If you’re not into the slimmer looks and want a looser, but not sloppy jean, the Levi’s ® 559 ™ is for you.

550 ™ Relaxed – Relaxed fit. Relaxed seat and thigh. Slightly tapered. 16.5” leg opening. Sits at waist.
The 550 ™ has been a staple of the Levi’s ® line for a few decades now. Its main feature is its tapered leg, making it a perfect for choice for someone looking for a comfortable and clean look. You’re usually going to want to buy these jeans close to your true inseam. Boots or other tall shoes are usually not a good option with the 550 ™. Most stick with casual shoes and sneakers.



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